Greasy is Character Villain film 1988 a Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Greasy is allegedly the runner-up for leader of the Weasels and Smarty's second-in-command. He is Puerto Rican and has long greasy black hair and dark brown fur. He wears a green zoot suit styled trench coat and trousers hiked up to his chest, partially obscuring a pink tie and white dress shirt, and spectator shoes; he appropriately resembles a zoot suit gangster from the L.A. "Zoot Suit Riots" of the 1940s. Like his compatriot Stupid, Greasy is overweight, although this does not appear to have affected his self-esteem. Of all the weasels in the film, Greasy is most eager to fight, and yields a switchblade as his weapon of choice, though he is also seen carrying a semi-automatic pistol while investigating Eddie's office. Greasy is mostly shown speaking English with a strong Puerto Rican accent, but he curses in Spanish when a bear trap hidden in Jessica's cleavage clamps down on his hand as he frisks in between her breasts, and when Roger shoots into the Acme Factory via a storm drain, carrying Greasy (who was standing on top of it) with him towards the ceiling. He appears perverted, as he quickly takes Judge Doom's orders to search Jessica for Marvin Acme's will as an opportunity to feel her and immediately goes for her cleavage. Greasy is the fourth weasel to die after losing control of his laughter and drops dead out of the cab of the Dip machine. He also made the Dip machine move because his foot came off the brake when he fell out of the driver's seat as he died from laughter.
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