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Lena Hyena is a hag-like toon woman voiced by June Foray in Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Eddie Valiant encounters her in Toontown, after he mistakes her for Jessica Rabbit due to their similar style of dress. Believing him to have come to her apartment out of romantic intent, she falls for Eddie and starts chasing him. Lena Hyena or originally Lena the Hyena, was a character originally created in 1946 by Al Capp in his comic strip Lil' Abner. She was said to be the "Ugliest Woman in World", so much so that anyone who saw her went mad, and no sane person could describe her appearance. The only problem was Capp never really was able to draw her. He started a national contest to find the artist who could draw the best interpretation of her (one of the contestants was Carl Barks, the creator of Uncle Scrooge) , the winner of the contest was Basil Wolverton, a comic book artist who would later go on to do artwork, for Mad Magazine. She is portrayed in the Roger Rabbit comics as being a long-time friend of Jessica's.

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