R.K. Maroon is the cartoon director and owner of Maroon Cartoons in Holywood, Los Angeles. He has a brother, C.B. Maroon.

He mentions that Marvin Acme's been his friend and neighbor for 30 years. He considers show business to be expensive and has been quite financially conscious. He got Dumbo and half the cast of Fantasia  on loan from Walt Disney as they worked literally for peanuts. However not all was going well and Somethin's Cookin' went $25,000 overbudget.

He had a chance to sell his studio to Cloverleaf Industries, but they wanted Acme Corporation first. Marvin Acme however would not sell his property, so Maroon plotted a scheme to blackmail his friend with Jessica Rabbit. He told Jessica to pose for pattycakes with him; Jessica didn't want anything to do with it until Maroon threatened her that he'd fire Roger and would see that he'd never find a job again.

To complete his scheme he employed unwitting detective Eddie Valiant, famous for aiding toons in the past. Being down on his luck, Valiant asked 100 bucks (plus expenses) and caught Acme and Jessica playing pattycakes. Maroon brought Roger to his office where Valiant showed him the developed pictures, and Roger left a wreck.

However things didn't go as Maroon planned. His own scheme was what Judge Doom needed to murder Acme and frame Roger for the murder. Valiant thought that Maroon was behind the murder so that he could get his hands on Toontown. He asked Dolores to check the probate to confirm this but it turned out that it was Cloverleaf who want to get their hands on Toontown and put in the highest bid, unless Acme's will showed up.

Nonetheless Maroon managed to sell his Studios to Cloverleaf, after they got the Pacific Redcar Trolley Line. When Valiant saw in the newsreel Maroon shaking hands with Cloverleaf's bankers and executives, he saw the connection. He called Maroon and lied that he had Acme's will and visited him in his office at night. There he incapacitated him and forced him to tell the whole story. However Doom shot him before he could.

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