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The Dip is a greenish, ghastly chemical seen in Who Framed Roger Rabbit. It is Judge Doom's preferred method of Toon execution. According to Lt. Santino, it is a mixture of turpentine, acetone, and benzine, to which all of them are paint-thinners. Combined in the real world, they make up the solution hand animators used to use to remove ink from animation cels. This could be considered an inside joke, as one would not know what these ingredients made up. While relatively harmless to humans, any Toon that comes in contact with it will melt instantly, and is apparently the only surefire way to kill a Toon (although Eddie Valiant gets most of the Toon Patrol members to laugh themselves to death). Ironic enough, Judge Doom ends up being dipped himself near the end of the film, after revealing himself to be a Toon.


  • The Dipped Toon Shoe, Smarty, and Judge Doom are the only three Toons that have melted inside the Dip during the film.
  • Benny the Cab is the only Toon to have survived after making contact with the Dip, since it only struck the bottom of his tires, but the contact left him weak and limping.