Who P-P-P-Plugged Roger Rabbit is a mystery/humor novel written by Gary K. Wolf released in 1991 (ISBN 0-679-40094-X). The book is neither a sequel nor a prequel to Who Censored Roger Rabbit or the film Who Framed Roger Rabbit by Disney. It is a spin-off story with the same characters, just different situations. This style is like Looney Tunes, where the episodes hold no continuity. The original novel was retconned as a dream of Jessica Rabbit, in chapter 12.

The novel contains most of the original main cast members, such as Roger Rabbit, Eddie Valiant, Jessica Rabbit, and Baby Herman. The personalities of each of these characters reflect more of their movie selves from Who Framed Roger Rabbit, such as Jessica's devotion to Roger and the rabbit's own more cartoony quirks, such as his speech impediment.


The story starts out with Eddie Valiant at the front door of Roger Rabbit's house. Almost immediately after he is let inside the house, Roger tells him about the upcoming Gone with the Wind toon adaptation and how he has a chance to play the lead as Rhett Butler. However, the Telltale News, a newspaper that tends to Toons, prints an article about Jessica Rabbit and her relationship with Clark Gable. Valiant primarily declines, stressing that he promised his wife, 'Doris' (who seems to be Dolores from the movie), that he wouldn't take such work anymore. However, he takes the job because of the quote Roger announces.

From this simple case, the story branches out to the murders of Kirk Enigman (another candidate for the part of Rhett Butler), Baby Herman, and Dodger Rabbit (Roger Rabbit's evil cousin).

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